Artist statement


I make art as a form of release, getting lost in the process, experimenting with brushstrokes and textures. It is a form of therapy. 

I work from both life and reference images, I let the painting develop over many layers bringing the subject in and out of focus  and concentrate  more on mood than representation. For finished pieces I like to make something aesthetic with energy and meaning. 


I use a variety of brush strokes , palette knives and often paint using my hands directly on the canvas. 


Themes that inspire me are many including the human form, animal world art history, literature, and pop culture.

Art CV 

Incognito 2022       

Incognito Collection Goes LIVE 31st March

Incognito Sale 21st April

The Online Art Sale for the Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation   


Hush Hush Gallery 2022

MountShannon Arts Festival, Ireland


The Full Irish, group show 2022, ArtClick Ireland.  


Something About Mary, The Copper House Gallery, Dublin 2019


Art in Hospitals, permanent collection, National Children’s Hospital

Art For ISPCC, The Mac, Belfast 2014

Culture Night at The Doorway Gallery 2013

History of Queer Street Art, San Francisco, 2012

UpStart Counter Election Street Art Dublin City 2011

Dublin Pride Exhibition 2011 Group Show

New website will be built summer 2024


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